Day 6

West Branch, IA 11292.9
Youngstown, OH 11898.7
605.8 miles

The moon is red tonight. I find it very soothing, though my arms are too shaky to get a good photo.

No music today, I wanted to try it. Since I have to turn the music so loud just to hear it, it must be destroying my hearing. Without music, my fatigue levels fluctuated about the same, but it was quieter, less distracting. I’ll probably listen to music a bit in Pennsylvania tomorrow but I’ll definitely have it off by the time I get close to the city, in the evening sometime—450, 500 miles left (easy day, right?).
     The riding is definitely easier, I can more easily push myself and ignore my aches and bruises.
     My overall mood until late afternoon was anger. I don’t know why, I was just kinda pissed off all day. The shitty motels, the shitty food and sleep, the riding—this is a lot of riding—and special today the shitty highways. Interstate 25 from Fort Collins to Denver was bad. Every state has had bad stretches. But Indiana—really bumpy. The whole state. I had my left hand off the controls for one I didn’t see coming—it’s hard to tell the difference between cracks and cracks with bumps—it was nearly a very bad situation. Experience, instinct, whatever, kicked in, had a fast reaction, my hand shot out and straightened the handlebar before the front wheel hit ground.
     Ohio was a bit bumpy, but far less severe than Indiana, and more consistent. Still, when I pulled into town tonight I heard a grinding noise from the rear when accelerating. But only when accelerating—what could that be? Hopefully it’ll diminish tomorrow, touch wood.
     I wanted a short(er) day tomorrow, so I kept pushing it til 600 today. I got a late start again, and didn’t roll until 8:30. I did a bit of night riding, but traffic was slow, better. Plus I only had to go one further exit to find a motel room.

I knew I’d be okay—I saw on the map that I-80 goes near NYC; I figured, okay, there’ll be signs. There was a sign as far back as 20 miles into Ohio, three states away.

I need to get acupuncture or a deep tissue massage in New York or Portland. I think I might be losing feeling in my right ass cheek now, too.

I couldn’t clear my head today. Every so often a song would rush in, I’d sing the few bars I could remember from favorite songs, and then the cacophony of thought would take over. It just made me angrier than I felt already, that my head was such a boring, noisy clatter with no focus or energy or anything redeeming. I just kept riding. A friend thinks I’m hitting my stride. I think he’s right.

I’m tired of this food, this riding—so much riding—all of this.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your brain is so boring, Kyle.