Day 14

Burley, ID 14743.0
Portland, OR 15339.8
596.8 miles

Leg 3 Done
Brooklyn, NY
Portland, OR
3032.8 miles

Total miles: 6053.5

Almost 600 miles back—easy ride. Anticipation leads to excitement, which easily translates potential energy into the fuel of kinetic energy.
     Just go.
     The miles flew.
     I stopped at a town in the Oregon desert to get my chain re-lubed.
     I kept getting gas every 50 miles, worried that there wouldn’t be towns. I realized that I could get gas every 50 miles, there’s no problem, roll it.
     Through the Columbia Gorge, ridiculous headwind. Wyoming has cross-winds covered, the gorge has headwind to call its own. Tough riding, but finally beared down and pushed it, so close. Well, I guess, why should the last hundred miles be easy?

My pants are covered in bugs from about 14 states.

I’m a little worse for the wear—but probably better, too.

When I was in the desert in Utah and Idaho, the late sun gleaming off the bike, making shadows on the road, my own shadow trailing me to my right, then in my rearview, I could step out of my head for a moment, could watch myself, and I appreciated that it was I who was there.

And then I was there. Back in Portland. Rolled to the bar I went to the night before my departure. Back where I started from.
     And then I was there.

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