Day 5

McCook, NE 10736.0
West Branch, IA 11292.9
556.9 miles

When did shitty motels get so expensive? Kind of a shitty motel here; decided to take non-removable saddlebag off the bike for the night.

I had a 5 AM wake-up call and an alarm set. I woke at 7. Anyway, the shop probably wouldn’t open until 8, so I had breakfast and started (re-)reading On the Road.
     At 9:30 I got the call, the bike’s done. The starter button had been replaced, and I hit the road at 10, a two-lane highway with a 65 limit, a very nice ride.
     I got really tired after a while on the freeway. I took off the headphones, better—I think the music is too loud, more fatiguing.
     Pushed on, I wanted to get as many miles in as possible.
     Iowa City, night’s fallen town’s full up. Pushed on, night riding. Brights—well, bright—turned on. A shitty motel, dinner at McDonald’s, 550 miles. Pretty good distance, especially considering the late start.

The riding was easier today, but my left ass cheek is still completely numb.

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