Day 13

Ogallala, NE 13987.7
Burley, ID 14743.0
755.3 miles

I had an east-facing motel room, so I woke up fairly easily, from the sunrise—and by telling myself that if I hurry, I’ll be in Portland tomorrow night.
     I hit the road about 7, 7:30. All day I kept worrying that I was about to run out of gas. My mileage was terrible. Wyoming has scary cross-winds. Balls in my throat, throat on the gas tank to cut down wind, blow you across the road scary. The western half of the state was okay, though. Today the first 300 miles were good, the fourth 100 miles were terrible. Rain delay, winds. My crappy rain gear is now almost entirely duct tape.
     I made good time was I got past Little America, Wyoming. I started filling up at about 60-70 miles; I didn’t want to get stranded.
     I wanted to make 700 miles today, to get down to 600 for tomorrow. I’m back in Burley, Idaho. I went about 750 miles today, and I’m feeling scarily strong, considering.
     Sunset was beautiful. The sun dropping behind a mountain, a lone mountain among flat ground. The sun dropped, I cruised on easily.
     I’m looking forward to getting back to Portland.

In days past on this trip, I’ve felt quite alone. This is rare for one like me, who chooses to be alone most of the time. Today, as I was going through Wyoming and Utah, I had the thought, “I am alone.” I realized that, on this trip, I am alone. I thought, I’m alone. There’s nobody out here with me. It’s just me.
     It was a good feeling.


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