Day 2

Burley, ID 09896.9
Denver, CO 10569.4
672.5 miles

Leg 1 Done
Portland, OR
Denver, CO
1283.2 miles

I beat the big long desert of Wyoming and finished the first leg.

The question arose—why the hell am I doing this?
     It’s easy to come up with answers—reasons—justifications—after the fact, but that’s not the same as knowing the reason.
     So why am I doing this?
     Hell if I know.
     And the first day is too soon to judge the merit of a thing. I’ll have to wait, to see the whole thing, wait til it’s over, to be able to say if it was worth it. I don’t yet know the costs, nor the outcome.

Things never go as planned. But maybe one day they’ll go as hoped.

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